Third Way’s Statement in Support of the Justice in Policing Act of 2021

Third Way’s Statement in Support of the Justice in Policing Act of 2021

WASHINGTON — Third Way released the following statement from Lanae Erickson, Senior Vice President for Social Policy & Politics:

“Last summer, communities across the country made their voices heard, demanding real solutions to the entrenched systemic racism and outdated laws that have led to the loss of countless African American lives. In November, Americans from all walks of life voted for bold change. It’s clear that the time for concrete reforms is now.

“The Justice in Policing Act would be a major step forward toward aligning our federal laws with our values, stemming the violence we have seen against people of color from coast to coast, and achieving racial justice. From stronger use of force standards to much-needed accountability measures, it would greatly improve policing in our country and ensure law enforcement protects every American. This moment demands that every level of government, from cities to states to Washington, act to address the crisis of police violence. This comprehensive set of proposals begins the path toward a safer and more just future.

“Communities of color live with the dire consequences of inaction every day. Congress has an opportunity to make real progress for the American people. The Justice in Policing Act is imperative. For far too long, we have watched sensible and mainstream proposals fall short of the finish line. In this moment, we must do better. It’s time for every member of Congress to step up in the way that so many towns, cities, and states have over the past year and provide strong leadership to make policing in this country more equitable and less deadly.”


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