Third Way Statement on the Secure the Border Act

Third Way Statement on the Secure the Border Act

WASHINGTON – Third Way released the following statement from Lanae Erickson, Senior Vice President for Social Policy, Education, & Politics:

“Instead of working collaboratively with Democrats to pass commonsense reforms to strengthen US border security and reform our immigration laws, the Republican bill is a sweeping embrace of Trump-era policies that were rejected by American voters. The Secure the Border Act (H.R.2) continues a GOP approach that elevates extreme, unworkable policies over mainstream ideas that could build consensus. It would waste millions on the ‘Trump border wall,’ reinstate the indefinite detention of children that sparked mass outrage, decimate our asylum system, mandate employment verification that could spark labor shortages across key industries, and subject millions of immigrants with longstanding ties to our communities—including Dreamers who registered with the government and passed a background check—to immediate deportation.

“It is noteworthy that just two weeks ago, Republicans voted for a plan that would cut the Customs and Border Protection budget by $4 billion, resulting in the loss of 2,400 border patrol agents. And as the Biden Administration has worked to increase screening at ports of entry to prevent drugs like fentanyl from being smuggled into the US, proposals to return to Fiscal Year 2022 levels would cut the personnel and resources needed to sustain that important work. It is the Democratic position to hire more border patrol agents, improve border security technology and screening, and fund efforts to stop fentanyl trafficking.

“Sadly, Republicans favor partisan plans that provoke outrage over legislating actual solutions. If Republicans were serious about crafting a modern, well-functioning immigration system, they would reject this bill and work with Democrats on finding common ground.”


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