Third Way Statement on President Biden’s Gun Safety Announcements

Third Way Statement on President Biden’s Gun Safety Announcements

WASHINGTON — Third Way released the following statement from Senior Policy Counsel Nathan Kasai:

“We applaud the Biden Administration’s strong actions today to address gun violence. Americans across the country are anxious for commonsense gun safety reform. Ghost guns make it far too easy for wrongdoers to evade our background check and regulatory systems. And just like how the previous Administration clarified that bump-stocks provide fully automatic capability to a rifle, President Biden is making clear within existing law that pistol stabilizers bring such weapons under short-barrel rifle regulations and restrictions. These are swift and important changes we need.

“As American communities continue to face uncertainty and fear, it is heartening to see the Biden Administration take bold action within its executive powers. We also know this cannot be the ending point for gun safety reform. The changes we need to truly address our gun violence epidemic require Congressional action. However, commonsense legislation has for too long languished with inaction in Washington. Now is the time for Congress to work with President Biden to expand background checks and close dangerous loopholes in our laws.”


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