Third Way Launches $600,000 20x35 Nuclear Advertising Campaign

Third Way Launches $600,000 20x35 Nuclear Advertising Campaign

WASHINGTON – Today, the Third Way Climate and Energy Program launched its 20x35 initiative with a $600,000 digital advertising campaign. The advertisements call on energy regulators and policymakers to accelerate American-made nuclear energy by citing and permitting 20 nuclear reactors by 2035 to meet urgent net-zero and national security goals.

Currently, Russia and China are outpacing the US in building advanced nuclear reactors around the world, locking nations into long-term strategic geopolitical partnerships. Third Way’s campaign seeks to highlight the urgency of failing to compete with these regimes in the global nuclear marketplace.

“It is insane that we’re allowing Russia and China to best us in developing nuclear power plants and producing nuclear fuel,” said Senior Vice President of the Climate and Energy Program, Josh Freed. “In a town where nothing gets done until it’s a crisis, Washington needs to wake up and realize that our loss of leadership in global civilian nuclear power is a crisis that requires more urgent action. The Biden Administration has done a tremendous amount, but they need more support. We’re launching our ad campaign to make clear that, for our security, economy, and the climate, the United States should accept nothing less than leading the world in nuclear and building at least 20 power plants here and in allied countries by 2035.”

“American ingenuity first put nuclear energy on the map, but we’re being sidelined as Russia and China take control of the global nuclear marketplace,” said Lindsey Walter, Director of International Policy for Third Way’s Climate and Energy Program. “This is not just a huge economic blow, it’s a major threat to our national and energy security. It’s time we lean into the pioneering spirit that gave us our first reactors.”

Learn more about 20x35 here.

About Third Way’s Climate & Energy Program

Third Way’s Climate & Energy Program designs and advocates for policies that will drive innovation and deployment of clean energy technologies, and deliver the emissions cuts we need to win the fight against climate change. The more low-carbon options we have to work with, the better our chances of success. That’s why we’re proud to be part of a large and growing community promoting evidence-based solutions to the climate challenge that include advanced nuclear and carbon capture technology, as well as renewables, hydropower, existing nuclear, carbon removal, energy storage, and efficiency. For more information, please click here.


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