Third Way Applauds Ambitious Biden-Harris American Jobs Plan

Third Way Applauds Ambitious Biden-Harris American Jobs Plan

WASHINGTON — Third Way today released the following statement from Josh Freed, senior vice president of the Climate and Energy Program:

“President Biden’s $2 trillion American Jobs Plan is the most ambitious climate and clean energy plan undertaken by any US administration. The plan is fully commensurate with the scale of the economic and climate challenges we face, leveraging historic levels of mobilization and capital to get us to net-zero by 2050 at the latest. As important, it will provide investments to create jobs and opportunities across every state, particularly in communities that have struggled since the Great Recession.

“The Biden-Harris Administration is harnessing the positive forces of all of our government agencies to start accelerating our transition to all forms of clean energy. This infrastructure plan includes critically important investments for the entire economy, many of which Third Way has actively worked to educate policymakers about for years, like a clean electricity standard inclusive of all forms of clean energy; an accelerator to ramp up private-sector investments in clean energy; innovation investments in technologies including storage, advanced nuclear, carbon capture, and hydrogen; and an end to tax breaks for fossil fuels.

“When Congress passes this infrastructure plan, it will make the United States the world leader in solving climate change and developing clean energy. We’ll do it by harnessing the unmatched capacity of our private sector and American workers to get the job done.”


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