Announcement of Eileen M. Decker to Third Way’s US-China Digital World Order Initiative Advisory Board

Announcement of Eileen M. Decker to Third Way’s US-China Digital World Order Initiative Advisory Board

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Third Way is excited to announce today that Eileen M. Decker has joined the Third Way National Security team’s US-China Digital World Order Advisory Board.

Vice President for the National Security Program Valerie Shen noted, “Eileen Decker’s many years of public service as a top federal prosecutor and her personal experience trying cases involving sophisticated technology and China competition issues will be an invaluable asset for our ongoing work. We are thrilled to have her specialized expertise and dedication again, after first serving on our Cyber Enforcement Initiative Advisory Board.

"The US-China Digital World Order Advisory Board will be instrumental in helping our team explore and develop partnerships, collaborators, and funding opportunities for the program to identify and stop the Chinese government’s creeping digital authoritarianism. We want members who will be able/willing leverage contacts in the private sector, academia, and foundations to help guide specific, pragmatic solutions tailored for legislation in collaboration with organizational partners and members of Congress.

"Each Advisor will help to provide individual advising as needed on securing strategic partnerships, funding, and projects.

"Decker is a former United States Attorney, and as such was the chief federal law enforcement officer in the Central District of California, a sprawling district based in Los Angeles that encompasses seven counties. Decker oversaw the largest United States Attorney’s Office outside of the District of Columbia, an office that employs approximately 280 attorneys who serve almost 20 million residents. The United States Attorney’s Office prosecutes the entire range of federal criminal offenses, defends the United States in civil actions, and represents government interests in tax matters. After being unanimously confirmed as United States Attorney by the United States Senate on June 11, 2015, Decker was given a four-year appointment by President Barack Obama. As part of her duties, Decker served on five Attorney General Advisory Committees – Civil Rights, Cyber/Intellectual Property, Terrorism/National Security, Violent and Organized Crime, and White Collar/Fraud. Along with many of her colleagues who were appointed by President Obama, Decker resigned on March 10, 2017."


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