Buy Clean America Summit: Harnessing Government Purchasing Power to Close the Carbon Loophole

Buy Clean America Summit: Harnessing Government Purchasing Power to Close the Carbon Loophole

Event Contact

  • Jessie Stolark
  • Former Policy Advisor, Climate and Energy Program
  • The BlueGreen Alliance and Third Way, in partnership with ClimateWorks, invite you to participate in a one-day summit that will explore Buy Clean as a policy solution to one of the most vexing climate issues we face—the carbon loophole.

    The manufacture of raw building materials like steel and cement produces 11% of total global greenhouse gas emissions and is on the rise. But because these commodities are exported around the world, the countries that consume them rarely account for the carbon it took to produce them, and manufacturers are not rewarded for making low-carbon products.

    Buy Clean policies help close this “carbon loophole” by spending taxpayer dollars on climate-friendly materials for infrastructure and building projects. Widescale adoption of Buy Clean state and federal purchasing programs would reward companies that are cleaner and more efficient. It would also give American manufacturers and workers a tremendous opportunity to take the lead in growing markets for low-carbon products.

    This event will bring together leaders from policy, industry, labor, NGOs, and philanthropy to discuss recent successes with Buy Clean, opportunities to expand these victories at the state and federal level, and what this could mean for U.S. manufacturers, workers, and the fight against climate change.

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    We want the online audience to be part of this conversation, too. For most of our panels and speakers, we'll be taking audience questions from the room and from our livestream via Twitter. Just tweet your questions and comments for our speakers using the hashtag #BuyCleanAmerica and we'll get those questions to the moderators. Throughout the day, we encourage you to tweet about the event using the #BuyCleanAmerica hashtag, and make your voice heard in this discussion.

    We hope you will join us, either in person or by following the conversation and sharing your comments questions for our speakers on Twitter.

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