Transforming Workforce Credentials Post COVID-19

Transforming Workforce Credentials Post COVID-19

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The coronavirus is wreaking havoc on our nation’s workers. Even before the pandemic, access to good-paying careers increasingly depended on a person’s skills. Looking ahead, getting the right credentials will be even more important as tens of millions seek to re-enter the workforce. And yet, our credentialing system is fragmented, there are numerous hurdles to getting credentials quickly, and there is not enough linking different sources of learning.

We hosted a virtual event that showcases different ways to tackle these problems and transform our credentialing system in a post COVID-19 era. We brought together a diverse group of experts and innovators, each delivering 3-minute TED-style talks on ways to help people gain new credentials more easily, make connected credentials a reality, and boost economic opportunity.


Ethan Pollack – The Aspen Institute

Lindsey Reichlin Cruse – Institute for Women’s Policy Research

Gardner Carrick – The Manufacturing Institute

Monique Ositelu, Ph.D – New America

Lul Tesfai – New America

Kelsey Berkowitz – Third Way

Molly Elgin-Cossart – Merit America

Jason Tyszko – US Chamber of Commerce Foundation

Jana Barresi - Walmart

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