Mykael Goodsell-SooTho

What do dragon boat racing and dye-sensitized solar cell fabrication have in common? Both activities played a significant role in shaping Mykael’s professional and personal life prior to his joining Third Way as a Clean Energy Fellow.

During the completion of his B.S. in physics and mathematics at St. Lawrence University, Mykael took advantage of several opportunities to study abroad in China, both as a visiting researcher at Nanjing University's Eco-Materials and Energy Research Center and as a student in an accelerated language program at East China Normal University. These experiences allowed Mykael to gain first-hand exposure to the pollution and environmental problems faced by China and other developing countries, and motivated him to pursue further study in related fields.

Driven by his passion for international energy development and foreign language study, and itching for an escape from the music retail job he held for a year after graduating from St. Lawrence (a job which Mykael will always recall as requiring an obscene amount of time spent counting flutes), Mykael returned to China to complete his M.A. in international studies with a concentration in Energy, Resources and the Environment, at the Hopkins-Nanjing Center. Between his first and second years at the HNC, Mykael worked as a business analyst intern at the Nicobar Group, a Shanghai-based consulting firm specializing in market entry strategy and business development for international firms entering the Chinese nuclear energy industry. This experience inspired Mykael to write a thesis (in Chinese!) examining the motivations and challenges to China's burgeoning third generation (3G) civil nuclear program.

As a Clean Energy Fellow at Third Way, Mykael hopes to apply lessons learned from China's rapidly expanding civil nuclear program to advocate similar advances in the United States.

Published November 16, 2017

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