When T.J. started his first environmental project in his home town, he knew that public outreach was the key to success. Founding Clean Up VA, he conducted numerous social media campaigns to assemble enough people for his first cleaning event. Inspired by the substantial turnout, he set his sights on pursuing a career in environmental science.

Prior to joining Third Way as the Climate and Energy Press Coordinator, T.J. worked with various solar and environmental programs, along with teaching over 200 underrepresented students on environmental stewardship. T.J. graduated from Hampton University with his B.S. in Marine & Environmental Science. In collaboration with NASA, he conducted research on nanomaterials and their applications in sustainable technology and clean energy. T.J. is also the recipient of the Arthur Ashe Jr. Sports Scholar for his athletic and academic achievements.

With his free time, T.J. loves playing the guitar, spending time with family, and studying eastern medicine. Sports are also a large part of his life. He played Division 1 college golf for 4 years along with running track for 6 years prior to college.

Published October 8, 2020

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