Sunny Glottmann has long pondered the action potential of innovative ideas to improve the lives of those in her community and the world at large. Sunny is especially passionate about the convergence between innovation, technology, and economics.

As the Nancy Hale Economic Policy Program Fellow for 2019-2020, Sunny will help Third Way develop innovative policies to make the American workforce more competitive in a shifting global economy.

Prior to joining Third Way, Sunny, most recently, conducted research on behalf of Consensys, a blockchain technology company. In this role, she analyzed the policy implications and potential social impact of blockchain technology. Sunny’s time at Consensys largely inspired her Master’s thesis, which examined how innovative private-sector firms engage with governments and other private-sector stakeholders to use emerging technologies ethically and efficiently.

Sunny also served as a director of a nonprofit academic enrichment program for middle schoolers in Brooklyn, New York. As part of her role, Sunny also taught a philosophy course designed to help middle schoolers engage with the humanities. If you ever catch Sunny in the office with a spare five minutes, be sure to ask her how she brought Plato’s Cave allegory to life for a room full of twelve-year olds.

Sunny earned a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Columbia University and still feels most at home munching on a bagel and lox in a New York deli. Following her time in New York, Sunny earned her Master’s degree in Public Policy from Duke University.

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