Growing up in Los Angeles, equidistant from both surf and snow, Shane could usually be found outside in the thralls of some extreme activity and worrying his mother. From dirt bike riding to mountain climbing, longboarding to playing hockey, Shane’s affinity for the outdoors propelled him to a career in protecting it. As the Policy Advisor for Innovation on Third Way’s climate and energy team, Shane manages the team’s efforts to catalyze the clean energy economy via the federal government’s research, development, demonstration, and deployment process (RDD&D).

Prior to joining Third Way, Shane served as the project manager on major capital projects throughout the California utility scene. As the construction project manager for the Mesa 500kV Substation Project–the largest substation project in Southern California Edison’s history–Shane oversaw the daily construction activities for dozens of crews, trades, and companies. This included daily collaboration with system operators and outage coordinators to successfully and simultaneously cutover and reconductor dozens of high-voltage transmission and distribution electrical circuits, both in the skies and under the streets.

Shane’s professional experience in electricity and grid management inspired him to attend graduate school to leverage his technical expertise with broader training in environmental and energy studies. At The University of Edinburgh in Scotland, Shane read for an MSc in Global Environment, Politics, and Society, studying ecologic economics, energy justice, and public engagement in policymaking. As a part of his dissertation, Shane traveled to Abuja, Nigeria where he spent the summer meeting with high-ranking governmental officials to unpack the start to the Nigerian clean energy transition.

Fascinated by all things electrical and continuously inspired by all things ecological, Shane is eager to bring his professional experience and academic training to support the climate and energy team at Third Way. As a brand-new D.C. resident, Shane can usually be found hunting down the District’s best whisky bars while planning motorcycle camping trips throughout the region.

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Published June 5, 2023

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