Lindsey may have played field hockey on a team called the Oilers and driven past rigs on her way to school each day growing up, but since moving away from Huntington Beach, California, she’s worked consistently to study and promote clean energy.

As a Senior Policy Advisor for Third Way’s Climate and Energy Program, Lindsey’s work promotes low-carbon energy systems and clean energy innovation to mitigate climate change and encourage economic growth. She focuses on developing practical policies to integrate deep decarbonization efforts.

Lindsey graduated from Columbia University in the City of New York with a degree in Sustainable Development. While at Columbia, she worked at the Education and Outreach Division of the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, making complex concepts accessible to a larger audience. Concerned about the challenges of combating climate change, she recognized the importance of integrating low-carbon energies into today’s complex systems. To gain a further understanding of energy issues, Lindsey headed to Germany for a year as a Fulbright Research Scholar. At Heidelberg University, she conducted research on the viability of Germany’s energy policy, and possible applications for successfully integrating renewables to meet national goals.

After her Fulbright, Lindsey returned to New York and earned her M.P.A. in Environmental Science and Policy at Columbia’s School of International and Public Affairs. While completing her degree, she led a project for the NYC Mayor’s Office analyzing the impact of NYC’s climate policies on the energy cost burden for different demographics. She further explored her interest in clean energy by working at the Center on Global Energy Policy before coming to Third Way.

When she’s not working, Lindsey enjoys cooking, re-watching episodes of Arrested Development, and figuring out public transportation in new places without internet access.

Follow Lindsey on Twitter @LindseyNWalter

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