Jayson Browder, MPA, serves as Third Way's Senior Policy Advisor for National Security by leading the development and advancement of cutting-edge public policies for the top national security threats of the 21st century. A focus of his work revolves around the US-China cyber and digital power competition. This includes furthering efforts around the groundbreaking Cyber Enforcement Initiative, which is dedicated to bringing cybercriminals to justice.

Prior to Third Way, Jayson held several senior advisor roles, most recently at New York Abu Dhabi (NYUAD) as Assistant Dean and Chief of Staff to the Associate Vice Chancellor, Principal National Security Advisor to U.S. Congressman Beto O'Rourke, Presidential Management Fellow in the Obama Administration's White House Office of Management and Budget, and U.S. Fulbright Scholar. Highlights from these roles included leading NYU Abu Dhabi's administrative response for student services to COVID-19, drafting defense and veteran affairs legislation including the bi-partisan Healthy Veterans Act in the 113th Congress, managing a $250 million portfolio of programmatic funds in the National Security Division, and developing geo-political research as a professor at Bayburt University in Turkey.

As a US Air Force and Iraq War Veteran, Jayson is passionately involved in Military and Veteran Affairs. In 2015, he founded Veterans in Global Leadership, an executive level training and leadership development non-profit, advocating for veteran visibility within civilian government leadership. He currently serves as Chairman of the Board and as a Senior Advisor to Policy Vets, an organization dedicated to supporting and creating policy that prioritizes veteran wellbeing.

His analysis on global affairs, military and veteran policy have been published in numerous media publications such as Asia Times, NPR, Carnegie Council, and Foreign Policy Journal. Jayson holds a Global Executive M.P.A. from New York University and the University College London and a B.A. in Sociology and Latin American and Latino Studies from Fordham University. He was awarded 40 Under 40 at Middle East Policy Council and 40 Under 40 Latinos in Foreign Policy at New America, Diversity in National Security Network and Huffington Post.



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