As a native New Yorker, Aliza grew up surrounded by political debates. When she moved to St. Louis for college and found herself in a much less friendly state for Democrats, she became committed to seeking ways we can better speak across differences. She sees polling as an opportunity to listen to others and better understand the religious, social and political values that motivate people to vote the way they do.

Before coming to Third Way, Aliza worked as research and executive assistant at brilliant corners Research & Strategies, a Democratic polling firm. At brilliant corners, Aliza worked on all stages of the survey design process while managing company president Cornell Belcher’s schedule and media presence.

Prior to working at brilliant corners, Aliza received her bachelor’s degree in political science at Washington University in St. Louis. While at Washington University, she canvassed for Claire McCaskill’s 2018 Senate campaign and organized for Planned Parenthood of the St. Louis Region. She also wrote an award-winning senior thesis analyzing religious progressive and religious conservative political rhetoric. In her spare time, Aliza enjoys the Bachelor, Harry Potter trivia and is engaged in a never-ending quest to find the best happy hour deals in DC.

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