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Jon Cowan is co-founder and President of Third Way, the nation’s leading centrist policy institution. Third Way, described by Reuters as “the future of think tanks,” promotes modern and innovative ideas on economic growth, clean energy and climate, national security, and often-divisive social issues. It champions a moderate-led U.S. politics.

Prior to co-founding Third Way, Jon served as Chief of Staff of the Department of Housing and Urban Development under Secretary, and now New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo (D-NY). He also founded and ran two other successful non-profit organizations: Americans for Gun Safety, which fought the NRA to strengthen sensible gun laws, and Lead…or Leave, the top Generation X organization advocating for deficit reduction and Social Security reform. He was a Visiting Fellow at Harvard University’s Institute of Politics, author of Revolution X and is often cited as an expert on policy, politics and leadership in The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, Politico and NPR.


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