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Fielded by Benenson Strategy Group, our inaugural State of the Center poll goes in depth to understand the values animating the political middle, and the results offer a strikingly different interpretation of this voting bloc than those who claim these voters are simply “mushy.” Moderates refuse to be put in an ideological box, and they develop positions and perspectives at odds with both liberals and conservatives. While the ideological wings of the two parties tend to side with their own party when the rubber hits the road, moderates think both sides have a piece of the truth and often wrestle with competing values.

While liberals think Congressional Democrats are too moderate and conservatives say the same about Congressional Republicans, moderates think both parties are too ideological. On a range of issues, from the size and role of government to the availability of opportunity and their positions on key political issues, moderates hold views that diverge with the ideological wings. But moderate voters remain engaged in politics, even as they express concerns over the current divisiveness of many political discussions.

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