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Americaña: Bipartisan Misinterpretation of “Hispanic America”

by Michelle Diggles, Ph. D

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Hispanics have played a crucial role in modern elections, owing to their sheer numbers and geographic concentration. Yet despite their rising political power, both Republicans and Democrats have tended to misrepresent Hispanic America.

Many Republicans view Hispanics as undocumented, poor, and unwilling to assimilate. But the data shows that Hispanics are overwhelmingly citizens and legal residents and have broadly adopted American values. Many Democrats emphasize immigration as the sole issue of importance to the community and assume Hispanics are liberals. But Hispanics are concerned with issues beyond immigration and hold complex—and often conservative views—on a number of issues.

In this report, we examine common misperceptions about Hispanics in America and offer data demonstrating how members of this community are striving for the American Dream.

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