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Who is the Obama Coalition, and what do they want?

Our post-election poll of 800 Obama voters shows that most of those who pulled the lever for the President consider themselves moderate in ideology and they want him to govern from the center. From the role of government, the size of deficits, and the level of taxes to social issues and the notion of compromise, the Obama Coalition holds center-left positions. The President was victorious not because he played to the wings, but because he effectively built a center-out coalition.

This analysis of our post-election poll finds that:

  1. Moderates made up the largest ideological voting bloc of Obama voters;
  2. The Obama Coalition perceives that the President is a moderate, which they felt was a virtue;
  3. The Obama Coalition ascribes to moderate values; and,
  4. Obama voters hold moderate positions on a series of important issues.

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