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America Makes... Will Asia Take?

by Ed Gerwin

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U.S. and foreign trade officials have been huddled for months in talks on the TransPacific Partnership. Why are these talks important? What are the stakes for America’s economy?

This report brings a fresh perspective to why expanding exports to Asia is so critical for America’s growth and prosperity. Our report identifies five key sectors in which America’s globally competitive manufacturers, farmers, and service providers have incredible opportunities to export to a rapidly growing Asia-Pacific—a market that will add over 1 billion new middle class consumers and trillions of dollars in new imports by 2020. But we also explain that Asia’s serious trade barriers are keeping America from fully realizing its tremendous export potential for products ranging from food and finance to heavy equipment and health care.

To grow the American economy and support good jobs here at home, the United States must actively seek new trade deals like the TransPacific Partnership, and must also aggressively challenge Asian trade barriers that violate existing trade rules.