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Clare Jackson

How can Congress act against ISIS?

The terrorist group is growing, and left unchecked, could threaten us here at home. We explain How to Draft an Authorization Against ISIS | CHART: AUMF Proposals

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DOD’s increasing reliance on brass is a sign of broader problems

Square_thumb by Ben Freeman, Ph.D How much does bureaucratic bloat at Department of Defense cost taxpayers? The Pentagon has no idea. Ben Freeman makes the case that Congress should require DoD to determine the number of Generals it actually needs before asking for more. More ►

R.I.P Isolationism

by Michelle Diggles, Ph. D, Ben Freeman, Ph.D The foreign policy spat between Rick Perry and Rand Paul proves isolationism is truly dead. More ►

A Blank Slate, Not a Blank Check

Square_thumb by Mieke Eoyang In the days following the 9/11 attacks, Congress voted overwhelmingly to give the president broad authority to use force against those who had attacked us. But after bin Laden’s death and with the war in Afghanistan drawing to a close, the time has come to revisit and reform the Authorization for the Use of Military Force. More ►


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