Clean Energy Program | Memo

Keeping Perspective in the Clean Energy and Climate Race

by Joshua Freed and Ryan Fitzpatrick

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Every year, the Energy Information Administration (EIA) releases its Annual Energy Outlook (AEO). This is a highly regarded document that predicts energy production, consumption, and cost in the U.S. over the next several decades. The complete AEO for 2012 will be published later this spring, but EIA recently released a “sneak peek” of its full report. Without context, the AEO may lead many to believe that the fight to promote clean energy and stop climate change has been lost.

But when put into proper perspective, the AEO actually highlights just how many tools we have at our disposal to accomplish our goals, even in the most challenging areas of the country like the Midwest and South. This memo takes a look at a few policies and events that could—or already are—affecting America’s energy future, but are not considered in the AEO.

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