Bipartisan Proposal for Immigration Reform Provides ‘Tough, Fair, and Practical Path

Statement by Third Way President Jon Cowan

January 28, 2013

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“We applaud the bipartisan group of eight senators who today released a set of workable principles to reform our immigration laws. These principles outline a tough, fair, and practical path on immigration. It is tough on the border, fair to taxpayers, and eschews purely ideological solutions in favor of a practical approach that solves the immigration problem for good. It includes an expedited path to legalization and eventual citizenship for those who came to America as children – an idea that we felt needed to be part of any legislation. It would help the United States become a global magnet for talent by making it far easier for those who earn degrees here to stay and create economic growth here. It ends deportations for the vast majority of the 11 million undocumented people in the country and allows them to earn a path to legality with the possibility of citizenship years down the road. It tightens our employment verification system. And finally, it will save taxpayers billions of dollars through fees, fines, and reduced incarceration.

“This deeply bipartisan proposal has the potential to solve one of America’s most difficult public policy problems – one that has vexed every Congress since the 2006 bill failed to make it through the Senate. We urge Senators of both parties to unite behind this reasonable approach.”


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