STATEMENT on the Make It In America Agenda

Third Way's Economic Program Director Ryan McConaghy says the agenda "lays the foundation for economic success".

May 04, 2011

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“As the economy continues to recover, we need an agenda that will create jobs now and drive the long-term growth needed to keep America the world’s economic leader. The Make It In America agenda meets that challenge by providing a critical boost to American innovators, manufacturers, and entrepreneurs.

In a time of budgetary constraint, the Make It In America Agenda uses taxpayer dollars wisely and efficiently to make smart investments in economic growth and good middle class jobs. Proposals like the National Infrastructure Development Bank Act will help leverage private capital to upgrade our infrastructure and make sure we can move people, goods, and power quickly and inexpensively. At the same time, extending the R&D credit and reforming our patent system will make it easier for America’s innovators to bring new, job-creating ideas to the market. The Clean Energy Technology Manufacturing and Export Assistance Act will help to ensure that American companies get their fair share of the global clean energy gold rush abroad, while programs like Rural Star will ensure that our consumers and businesses benefit at home.

To lead in the 21st century, America needs an infrastructure that can support growth, ideas to power a dynamic economy, thriving small businesses, and the ability to sell its products to the world. The Make It In America agenda lays the foundation for economic success.”


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