Third Way Statement on Trump's Decision to Withdraw from Paris Agreement

June 01, 2017

WASHINGTON—Third Way released the following statement from Josh Freed, Vice President for Clean Energy:

"Withdrawal from Paris is a grave mistake the United States will pay for long after Donald Trump is gone. American businesses, workers, our economy, and global leadership—to say nothing of the climate—will shoulder the consequences.  America is weaker today because of Donald Trump’s erratic, ill-informed, and rash decision. 
"The rest of the world understands that operating as a global community has brought about 70 years of unprecedented growth, peace, and prosperity. One hundred and ninety-four other countries agree that this same model is the framework we need to address climate change. While far from perfect, the Paris Agreement represented a critical global commitment to cut carbon pollution while respecting national sovereignty. Coupled with the Mission Innovation plan to double clean energy R&D investments, it set us on the right path to having the policy and technology tools the world will need to drive economic growth and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
"Unfortunately, a handful of small-minded nationalists in the US government are ignoring the pleas of the vast majority of the American people, American business leaders, political leaders across the ideological spectrum, and our allies in reneging on our commitments. The Chinese government, not unexpectedly, is working with the EU to step up and fill the leadership vacuum created by this action. This may mark the beginning of a Chinese Century, and a day the US will regret for a long time to come."

Press Contacts

Ladan Ahmadi

Senior Media Relations Manager



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