Third Way Statement on the Passing of Jim Brady

August 04, 2014

America has lost a courageous, iconic, and hugely impactful voice for gun safety.

Because Jim Brady refused to yield when he was told it couldn’t be done—because in spite of his devastating gunshot injury, he and his wife Sarah battled for more than a decade to see it through—this country is much safer. The law that bears his name turned an ineffective honors system into a real bulwark against criminal access to firearms, and it has saved many lives.

Jim Brady didn’t stop fighting for gun safety after the Brady Act was signed in 1993. He and his eponymous organization, the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, has continued their work in Congress, state houses, and the courts.

We were honored to partner with Jim Brady in this work, and we will continue to play a role with Sarah and others in the movement that more than any other, he and Sarah led.

Press Contacts

Ladan Ahmadi

Senior Media Relations Manager



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