Third Way Statement on the House GOP Health Care Bill

March 07, 2017

“Bad bill, bad process, bad outcome for America.”

WASHINGTONThird Way issued the following is a statement from Gabe Horwitz, Vice President for the Economic Program:

"The President and the House GOP seem intent and trying to fix something that is fundamentally not broken. The ACA has provided stability and security to nearly all Americans. Now, the House GOP health care bill breaks the promise that President Donald Trump and many other Republicans have made to make health care better. The bill released last night would make coverage unaffordable for millions of working Americans and make coverage less secure for the hundreds of millions of Americans who currently have coverage. Anyone who finds themselves in job that doesn’t offer coverage or wants to be their own boss will lose the guarantee of affordable coverage. Instead of moving the nation backwards in a risky and partisan legislative maneuver, Republicans should work with Democrats to repair Obamacare instead of repealing it."

Press Contacts

Ladan Ahmadi

Senior Media Relations Manager



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