Third Way Statement on President Obama's Executive Actions to Reduce Gun Violence and Make Our Communities Safer

January 05, 2016

Five years ago this week, we sat in stunned silence as we learned that our friend and Third Way honorary co-chair Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ) had been shot and critically wounded during a constituent outreach event at a grocery store in Tucson. Three years ago last month, we sat in abject horror as we watched the coverage of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in which 26 innocent people—20 of them first graders—lost their lives. Since then, too many days have brought more mass shootings by a criminal or mentally ill person with a gun. And every day—every single day—dozens have been murdered in the “ordinary” gun crimes with which we have grown all too familiar in the United States.

But today, for the first time in many years, we finally have reason to stand and applaud the news on guns. President Obama's Executive Actions to Reduce Gun Violence and Make Our Communities Safer are common sense measures that shore up enforcement of our existing gun laws, close unintended loopholes, and provide the research, mental healthcare, and manpower our country so sorely needs to begin to combat this scourge. It is the responsibility of the Executive to enforce our nation's gun laws, and that is exactly what these actions today help make possible. It is shameful that Congress has refused to act. Since they won't, we are grateful to the President for doing everything within his power to protect our communities by keeping guns out of the wrong hands.

Press Contacts

Ladan Ahmadi

Senior Media Relations Manager



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