Third Way Statement on GOP Vote to Repeal Dodd-Frank

June 08, 2017

WASHINGTON—Third Way released the following statement from Jim Kessler, Senior Vice President for Policy:

“While the nation is riveted to James Comey’s testimony today, Republicans in the House are taking the next step to repeal the Dodd-Frank law under our noses. Dodd-Frank is pro-growth, pro-market, pro-consumer, and pro-investor—and it could be one Senate vote away from being yanked out by its roots. The Financial CHOICE Act would completely dismantle Dodd-Frank’s most important reforms, diminish the independence of banking industry regulators, and hamstring the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Outside of the ACA repeal, this is the most dangerous legislation to come out of the Trump era. If you want another devastating financial collapse that takes a wrecking ball to the American Dream, pass the Financial Choice Act. If you want to protect and grow the economy, preserve Dodd-Frank. As this Act is debated in Congress, Third Way will continue to defend Dodd-Frank’s legacy and its vital protections against financial ruin.”

Press Contacts

Ladan Ahmadi

Senior Media Relations Manager



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