Third Way Statement on Delaney, Cole Bipartisan Bill to Create Social Security Commission

May 30, 2014

There are dozens of plans to fix Social Security, but only one way Congress will actually do it: through a bipartisan Social Security commission. By introducing such a commission today, Representatives John Delaney (D-MD) and Tom Cole (R-OK) have taken the boldest and most serious step of anyone in Washington towards fixing America’s most important safety net program.

In 1983, Congress and the President, at a time of deeply divided government, fixed Social Security for decades because they had the courage to squarely face an impending solvency crisis. That moment is approaching again, with Social Security Trustees saying that today’s insolvency problem surpasses that of 1983.

With this bill, Congressmen Delaney and Cole have shown that both parties can work together to tackle one of our most pressing policy issues. There is now a clear way for all members of the House and Senate to prove they are serious about strengthening Social Security for today’s retirees and the generations to follow: by joining Delaney and Cole in support of this bipartisan commission.

A commission offers a transparent, inclusive, and politically viable path to a balanced solvency plan and a filibuster-proof up-or-down-vote. It is a vote all Americans deserve—it is the best vote to protect Social Security for generations to come. We urge members of Congress of both parties and the President to support the only path to solvency.

Press Contacts

Ladan Ahmadi

Senior Media Relations Manager



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