Third Way Statement Applauding Congressional Action on Advanced Nuclear Energy

May 18, 2016

Third Way Vice President for Clean Energy Josh Freed issued the following statement:

“This morning, two important bills passed through committee in both the House and Senate. S. 2795 and H.R. 4979 would take vital steps toward modernizing the way that we regulate nuclear energy in the United States and preparing the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to review and license a new generation of reactors. Both bills received broad bipartisan support, even at a time when Congress is polarized on most issues.

“Third Way is a leading advocate for making the changes we need to bring these reactors online. We are delighted with the progress being made by both Congress and the Obama administration, and we salute the bipartisan group of policymakers who have championed and supported this vital legislation.”

Press Contacts

Ladan Ahmadi

Senior Media Relations Manager



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