Third Way Responds to Trump Election; Calls on Trump to “Prove that he is fit to Lead”

November 09, 2016

Washington—Third Way President Jonathan Cowan issued the following statement:

“Ever since he secured the Republican nomination, Third Way has asked voters and leaders in his own party to consider whether Donald Trump is fit to be president. While it had been our profound hope that his ability to handle the office would never be tested, the President-elect now must show that he is up to this task. The world is watching, and the burden falls on him to prove that he is fit to lead. We believe firmly that he is not, and it is deeply shocking and distressing that his brand of divisive and dangerous politics has prevailed.

“The election of Donald Trump also raises real questions about the future of the Democratic Party. It is in its worst electoral shape since Reconstruction. At every level, Democrats must look inward to determine how they could be facing such a catastrophic political situation.”

Press Contacts

Ladan Ahmadi

Senior Media Relations Manager



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