Statement of Third Way on the President’s Clean Power Plan

August 03, 2015

Today Third Way issued this statement on the President's Clean Power Plan:

“The Clean Power Plan announced today is a significant improvement on the rule that was proposed early this year, and it is an important step in this nation’s efforts to reduce carbon pollution. Wisely, it permits utilities to deploy not only renewables to cut emissions, but also the big sources of electricity: nuclear power, high-efficiency gas, and new coal plants with carbon capture and sequestration (CCS).

“When the draft regulation was announced, we were worried. As we noted, the treatment of nuclear power had badly missed the mark. We are delighted to see that new nuclear plants and uprates of existing plants will now fully count as clean, carbon-free emissions. EPA has leveled the playing field between nuclear and renewables, but existing nuclear plants in some markets remain at risk. It is up to Congress and state policymakers to help save these major emissions-free sources of electricity.

“It is appropriate that the EPA retained the CCS provisions of the plan. Cost-effective CCS systems are fundamental to our long-term prospects for fighting climate change, not just in coal-fired plants but from gas, refining, and industrial activities as well.

“EPA has done its job; now, Congress must step up. It needs to provide the resources and market signals to drive deployment of major clean technologies like CCS and advanced nuclear energy, just as it has done in support of solar, wind, and other renewables.”

Press Contacts

Ladan Ahmadi

Senior Media Relations Manager



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