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Inside Politics w/ Bill Schneider - September '13

Published September 25, 2013

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In the September 2013 issue of the Inside Politics Newsletter, Bill writes about rebellions among both Republicans and Democrats against their respective party leaders. Many Democrats are unhappy because they are too often on the defensive, even though they control both the White House and the Senate. Republicans are divided over tactics for opposing Obamacare. The deepening divide in the GOP became clear when House Republican leaders were forced to accept a ‘Kamikaze budget.’ There is significant public support behind the rebellions in both parties.

The In Focus pieces on p. 3 discuss the contrast between the two Republicans running for governor this year and the party leanings of legal and illegal Latino immigrants.

And check out the infographic on the back page. For people waiting to legally immigrate to America, the line is about 5.5 million people long and can last as many as 24 years. These decades-long waits are one of the key ways our current system encourages illegal immigration. As the title says, for many hopeful immigrants, “The Waiting is the Hardest Part.”

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