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Inside Politics w/ Bill Schneider - October '13

Published October 16, 2013

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In the October 2013 Inside Politics Newsletter, Bill writes about the current state of the Republican Party and the potential for it to split. Much like when Theodore Roosevelt ran for President as the Progressive Party candidate in 1912, a moderate Republican could run as a third-party candidate and become the Bull Moose of our era. It could be a role custom-made for New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

The In Focus pieces on p. 3 discuss the narrowing margins of victory in Presidential elections, and what that means for Presidents’ ability to govern, as well as a comparison of today’s shutdown with the showdown between President Clinton and Speaker Gingrich in 1995-96.

And check out the infographic on the back page: “The Dominoes of Default.” The consequences of a default would be drastic, causing a 1% decrease in GDP, a $20 thousand rise in the cost of a mortgage, and an $11 thousand loss for 401(k) holders.

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