Retirement Policy in the New Economy

Getting to a comfortable retirement is a vastly different challenge for workers in the new economy than for those a generation ago. Workers today change jobs more frequently, are self-employed at higher rates, and are in charge of their own retirement savings to a far greater degree. For some workers in this economy, retirement security is stronger than ever. Yet many others who want to save for retirement through their job are unable to do so.

Third Way hosted Representative Joe Crowley and a panel of retirement policy experts, moderated by Jonnelle Marte of the Washington Post, to discuss the extent of the private retirement savings shortfall and ideas to increase savings through employer-provided plans.

Rep. Crowley opened the event by highlighting the shortcomings of our existing retirement savings system—and arguing that the dream of retirement feels out of reach for millions of American workers. He also outlined several legislative solutions, which he has introduced, to help Americans expand savings from the time of birth to retirement.

Next, Diane Oakley of the National Institute on Retirement Security, Andrew Biggs of the American Enterprise Institute, and Alane Dent of the American Council of Life Insurers participated in a discussion on retirement policy. The panelists expressed differing views on just how severe the retirement savings shortfall is, and they presented a range of policy ideas to improve our existing system.

Event Details



July 13, 2016

8:30 AM to 10:00 AM


Rayburn House Office Building, Room B369

Washington, DC - 20515


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