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10 Stories - How New Trade Deals Will Help Foreign Consumers Buy American

Published July 19, 2011

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Florida orange juice… or Brazilian OJ? A bulldozer built in Peoria… or Japan?

Every day foreign consumers make decisions about what to buy. Often, their decision comes down to a choice between a “Made in the USA” product and one made somewhere else. Our “10 Stories” describe how the proposed trade agreements can support increased U.S. exports and new U.S. jobs.

The proposed trade deals with Colombia, Korea and Panama would help consumers in these countries “Buy American” by eliminating high duties and other barriers to American products. This collection highlights how – from wheat to wine, dredges to medical devices, and FedEx deliveries to French fries – these deals would make our goods and services more competitive. They are also cautionary tales that show what America stands to lose if our foreign competitors act and we don’t.

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