Operations Coordinator

Jennyfer Russe

Image of Jennyfer Russe

Jennyfer is a “Jackie of all Trades”; she wears many hats and arguably could be described as one of the hardest working people at Third Way. Jennyfer is nothing, if not a people-person; she loves working with the staff and bringing order to chaos. She has a passion for organization, systems, and structure—she is the one who ensures that everything gets done.

As an Operations Coordinator with the Business Operations team, Jennyfer supports human resources as well as technology operations. Prior to joining Third Way, Jennyfer worked at the National Head Start Association as an Operations Support Specialist. She worked directly with the CFO and COO to design and implement procedural efficiencies. Before transitioning into the nonprofit sector she used her technical skills in the medical industry as an Optometric Technician.

When Jennyfer is not working towards her goal of becoming an IT Specialist, she manages her top priority as wife and mother of two beautiful daughters. In her spare time, of which there is very little, Jennyfer likes to travel to her parents’ homeland in Peru.