Clean Energy Policy Advisor

Amber Robson

Image of Amber Robson

It was an idea that seemed farfetched at the time—designing a biodiesel plant to fuel the city buses in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan—but her undergraduate thesis project has since become a reality. Amber has been passionate about energy issues ever since those project-filled days (and nights) in engineering school.

Amber went on to gain extensive experience in clean energy policy with Environment Canada, Canada’s Department of Environment. She worked for three years as a greenhouse gas quantification expert for the electricity, oil and gas, and mining and manufacturing sectors to inform national climate change policy. Later, she worked on national regulations for industrial air pollutants such as sulphur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide and particulate matter with a focus on coal-fired power. Although her title was engineer, she wore many hats spending a lot of time negotiating with industry and in boardrooms with diverse team members working together towards a common solution. To inform her work on Canadian air policy, Amber had ample opportunity to research one of her favorite subjects - U.S. policy impacting the power sector.

As a Clean Energy Policy Advisor at Third Way, Amber brings her technical and policy expertise to inform the organization’s work on nuclear energy and carbon capture and storage technologies. She is driven to work on the big issues and admires Third Way’s bold and pragmatic approach to climate change policy.

Amber moved to the D.C. area in 2013 and pursued a Masters of Science in Energy Policy and Climate at Johns Hopkins University. When she is not contemplating climate change solutions, she enjoys spending time with her young son and husband and seeks out any opportunity to get moving— dancing Argentine tango at a local milonga, taking a jog around Arlington’s trails, or stretching through a yoga session.

Follow Amber on Twitter at @AmberRobson1