Social Policy & Politics Fellow

Third Way’s Social Policy & Politics Program is seeking a fellow to join our team. This position requires thinking creatively and writing persuasively to accomplish three major goals: giving moderate voters a stronger voice in Washington; finding ways to make progress on divisive issues like abortion, immigration, religious liberty, marijuana, and guns; and transforming the conversation around education in the Democratic Party to better fit 21st century realities.

Our recent work has included developing a winning framework for a new way to talk about marriage for gay couples by emphasizing commitment instead of rights; working with Members of Congress and the White House to frame, draft, and negotiate new gun safety legislation that respects Second Amendment rights while keeping guns out of the hands of criminals; developing an approach to communicating about immigration that became so dominant that POLITICO ran a front page story noting that nearly every congressional immigration reform proponent was using our narrative; and giving policymakers a deeper understanding of the values and beliefs held by voters in the center of the electorate through our inaugural State of the Center poll.

The Fellow will report to the Vice President of Social Policy & Politics and will be a full member of the team covering a wide range of social policy and political analysis by:

  • Researching, developing, and drafting high-impact and concise written products that offer advice to Members and staff on Capitol Hill about how to navigate the hottest legislative and political debates on social policy;
  • Championing new frameworks for both K-12 and higher education policy and persuading members of Congress, governors, and candidates to embrace both the narratives and the solutions they necessitate;
  • Using public opinion research, including original research conducted by Third Way, to help members of Congress and their staff, key administration officials, journalists, academics, and other leading political voices better understand moderate voters; and,
  • Presenting our research and policy ideas to Hill staff, advocates, think tanks, and academics both through individual and coalition meetings and in other events around D.C.

This position affords qualified candidates an extraordinary opportunity to experience life inside a high-impact, Washington, D.C., think tank and gain crucial skills, relationships, and familiarity with the progressive community and the political infrastructure. It also offers the chance to take a full series of professional development trainings typically offered to Third Way staff over the course of their careers at the organization but on the condensed schedule of the one year fellowship.

The ideal candidate will possess a graduate degree (Masters, J.D., or other) and have experience in public policy, including internships and coursework. Fellows must be able to explain complicated concepts in a way that makes sense to the general public while engaging and exciting the audience. While this position requires strong technical skills, Third Way’s success relies on our ability to build relationships and communicate our message. A willingness to work collaboratively on a team while taking the initiative on individual projects, an aptitude to multi-task on various assignments in distinct issue areas, and a penchant for solving problems creatively and thinking outside the box are integral to the job. Finally, fellows must have a deep commitment to Third Way’s mission of representing Americans in the “vital center.”

To apply, please send your cover letter and resume to; include “SP&P Fellowship” in the subject line. We place a high value on your cover letter. Tell us about a new idea that you've explored in your work. And be sure to show us your personality, too.