Fellows Program

There are plenty of think tanks in Washington that define the left. And plenty that define the right. But Third Way is the only DC think tank that has been described as “incorrigible pragmatists," “radical centrists" and “the best source for new ideas in public policy." If you are an ideologically rebellious, fresh-thinking policy wonk willing to listen and learn, we'd like you to join us.

The Third Way Fellowship is a full-time, 12-month program that comes with a $50,000 annual stipend and two weeks paid vacation, plus healthcare and benefits. But we're actually offering much more: the chance to be in the room when we meet with top Washington policy players; to co-author papers and work with our policy teams to produce new ideas, research, and insights; to learn a methodology that is intellectually rigorous; and to leverage our wide-ranging DC network into future career opportunities.

The application deadline for the 2018-2019 Fellows Program is March 2, 2018. If you're interested in learning more about the Fellows Program, please feel free to direct any questions or requests for information to fellowship@thirdway.org.


Program Fellowships

The Economic Program is seeking a fellow to join a dynamic team that is working to create an ambitious and actionable Democratic agenda that would generate economic growth that directly benefits the middle class. READ MORE

The Clean Energy Program is seeking a Fellow to join its dynamic team engaged in an ambitious, multi-year effort to help mitigate climate change by supporting the development of advanced nuclear technology and the decarbonization of fossil fuels. We are committed to creating pragmatic policies that can get implemented in the United States, challenge political orthodoxies, and are best suited to solving the climate challenge and meeting our energy needs. READ MORE

The National Security Program is seeking a Fellow to join its dynamic National Security team, which provides elected officials, policy makers, and candidates with a foundation to address many critical security topics. The program crafts tough and smart security agendas with a focus on global hotspots, national security law, budgets, and public opinion. The team identifies pragmatic solutions for high-profile national security problems that have complex politics, with a focus on legislation. READ MORE

The Social Policy & Politics Program is seeking a fellow to join our team. This position requires thinking creatively and writing persuasively to accomplish three major goals: giving moderate voters a stronger voice in Washington; finding ways to make progress on divisive issues like abortion, immigration, religious liberty, marijuana, and guns; and transforming the conversation around education in the Democratic Party to better fit 21st century realities. READ MORE

Our 2016 Fellows

Mykael Goodsell-SooTho, Fellow for Clean Energy

Rachel Minogue, Fellow for the Economic Program

Adam Twardowski, Fellow for National Security

Hayden Thomas, Fellow for Social Policy and Politics

Former Fellows

Fahad Siddiqui, Fellow for Clean Energy

Rachael Stephens, Fellow for the Economic Program

Gary Ashcroft, Fellow for National Security

Nathan Kasai, Fellow for Social Policy and Politics

Matthew Goldberg, Fellow for Clean Energy, 2015

Paul Lapointe, Fellow for the Economic Program, 2015

David Forscey, Fellow for National Security, 2015

Tyler Cole, Fellow for Social Policy and Politics, 2015

Samuel Brinton, Fellow for Clean Energy, 2014

Kenneth Megan, Fellow for the Economic Program, 2014

Christine Bishai, Fellow for National Security, 2014

Stephenie Johnson, Fellow for Social Policy and Politics, 2014

Ingrid Bonde Akerlind, Fellow for Clean Energy, 2013

Kimberly Pucher, Fellow for the Economic Program, 2013

Faris Alikhan, Fellow for National Security, 2013

Tamara Hiler, Fellow for Social Policy and Politics, 2013